About our academy

Build relevant skills

We teach you the right skills to be prepared for tomorrow.

At Darussalam Computers Academy, we offer digital skills training in various areas of specialisation. Whether you are just starting or an experienced who has some prior knowledge, we take you step by step to master the skills to make you a professional in the training of your choice. Our mission is to provide the modern tech skills that empowers all students to develop their full potential. We have trained numerous students who were intentional about leveling up their skills. Our unique standards keeps us focused on delivering appropriate content and preparing our students to achieve their greatest ambitions.

  • Get certified
  • Learn from the professionals
  • Master modern tech skills
  • Learn by doing
Our Courses

Learn by doing at any level

Holiday Class (Primary)

Catch them young with the relevant digital skills

Basic 2 Weeks ₦10,000

Holiday Class (Secondary)

Spend time learning relevant digital skills

Intermediate 2 Weeks ₦15,000

CBT Coaching

Get introduce to the basics of computer

Basic 1 Week ₦5,000

Digital Literacy 1

Get ahead in time with the skills needed to thrive in the digital age

Basic 4 Weeks ₦20,000

Digital Literacy 2

Gain competitive digital skills relevant to business, academic or personal development

Intermediate 4 Weeks ₦25,000

Graphic Design

Master the tools and techniques to express your creativity in design

Advance 4 Weeks ₦40,000

Web Development

Learn to build fully responsive website and web apps to impress clients and employers with your coding skills and get ahead on the job.

Advance 6 Weeks ₦60,000

Networking / System Security

Learn to design, build and maintain modern networks.

Advance 6 Weeks ₦50,000