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Since 2005, we have taken an active role in ICT construction projects for Nigerian government and private entitites such as the Kaduna state government, Peugeot automobile Nigeria (PAN), Independent national electoral commision (INEC). A key enabler for our Nigerain business has been our logistics and engineering facility. These facilities allows us the flexibility to procure, import, assemble for effective system integration. With our full time employees permanently in Nigeria, we have been able to establish a unique centre of technology excellence in the country.

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To deliver a distinctive competitive advantage to our customers by combining technology and industry leadership.

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Flexibility, integrity, teamwork, and innovation.

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Measured by our ability to create a portfolio of unique and high valued solutions that appeal to a broad, regional market.

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To help boost organisation's productivity and drive business growth.

We'll go over your goals and your project need. Here we identify market needs, collect ideas on how the project will impact on consumer and client experience, and what the project will take to improve performance in the coming period.

Here, we will take everything we've learned during planning and create the design that you all want. We then conceptualize and build the project roadmap focusing on consumer, cost and benefit, and the resources required.

Putting together all the functionality in place, we bring your vision for an original product/service to life. The process doesn’t end until the project life cycle is over.

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Darussalam Computers has been our #1 trusted partner for information technology services. Their team of supportive staff and professionalism is really amazing. My experience with them has helped boost my business with smarter tools and drove growth with business collaborations.

Traffik Driving School

Working with Darussalam Computers had been one of the greatest achievements for our company. Their customer service was amazing and helped me out many times. The social media service provided to our company has helped us reach more customers and doubled our revenue which led to tremendous customer satisfaction.

Gillycious Chops and More

My encounter with Darussalam Computers has helped our organization in many ways. The new school portal deployed by Darussalam Computers has really changed the way we work. It has given us the ability to deliver on time, bosted our team efficiency, and has brought immense value to our organization. This has saved us time and resources.

Jamal Secondary School

I have used Darussalam Computers' services in many ways and am in love with their professionalism. Their creative designs have helped our brand stand out and enable us to reach more customers than ever. Working with them has been a great experience. Darussalam Computers is the perfect IT firm for anyone looking to expand their customer reach.

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